We’re a marketing agency for small businesses and other small or new organizations.

Most marketing agencies either under-serve this market (because small isn’t their target) or over-serve it (because they recommend a lot of shock and awe that small businesses don’t need and can’t afford).

Dot Your I exists specifically for these small businesses. We’re here to deliver the right-fit marketing strategy and tactics that meet your organization where it is right now and help it grow at a pace you decide – all at a price you can afford. Whether it’s branding, content marketing, digital or print collateral, or communication services, we can bring it into reality and help you make a name for yourself in today’s marketplace.

Branding Services

Make a stellar impression. We’ll create a visual identity for your business that tells potential customers, donors, and employees who you are long before you get the chance to talk to them. Whether you’re a new brand or an existing one in need of a facelift, we’ll give shape to the personality you want to convey.


Content Marketing Services

Invite people into your business with stories and explainers of all formats and sizes. We’ll build you a portfolio of content that proves your claims, captures your audience, infuses your brand with authority and presence, and pleases the search engines. Ultimately it sells your products and services.


Digital and Print Marketing Services

Promote your business in all the ways that make sense for you, and none of the ways that don’t. We’ll design and implement a custom marketing strategy that combines the right mix of online and offline marketing tactics to align with your goals, audience, and budget.


Communications Services

Dot your i’s. (Sorry, we had to say it. And cross your t’s too.) We’ll help you write and edit corporate, administrative, and marketing communication that’s clean, tight, well organized, digestible, and stylistically sound.


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