“If my gift is teaching and writing, why am I spending my time figuring out how to build a website and do online marketing? Dot Your I is skilled at that, while my efforts need to be in providing content for families. As a business owner, there has to be a recognition of where your talents lie and where other people’s talents lie.”

Laura Ankrom
Founder, Faith for Generations


Faith for Generations


Canonsburg, PA


Family Education and Coaching

Company Size


Services Delivered

Branding: logo and business identity
Business plan and visioning
New website design and development
Newsletter/Email marketing

The Challenge

Elevate a blog idea into a business reality.

Laura Ankrom was carving her own path long before it became real career advice. She followed up a degree in civil engineering with a seminary education and led women’s ministries for decades. As she created and implemented programs to strengthen and support her fellow women, she got the same request over and over again: How can I teach my children about God in a way that makes sense to them?

In responding to that request, Laura discovered what these women were up against: beyond Sunday school lessons, there were very few materials with a focus on Christian beliefs and values, plus a design for whole families to use, plus messaging that children could understand. So Laura continued her path-carving, and started creating these materials herself.

Laura quickly developed a library of diverse resources for parents: assessments, workshops, short courses, reviews of other tools and materials, and even a children’s book. The women in her church, who had trusted Laura for years with their own spiritual education, eagerly brought what she created home to their families. As they reported back the positive results in things like increased kindness, patience, and togetherness, Laura realized that there was an audience for her curriculum.

She also realized that she hadn’t even begun to put all her curriculum ideas to paper. Thus a new idea was born: an online teaching and coaching business.

At that point, Laura knew two things: she had the content to fuel a blog, but not the entrepreneurial know-how to launch a business.

“I knew that if parents could get to know me through a website and begin to trust my discernment, then they would also know that my resources are sound. Parents want consistently good recommendations for their families. They don’t want to waste their time sifting through everything out there, and I don’t want to waste my time on anything that isn’t good for my business.”

The Solution

Transform a collection of materials into a bona fide brand.

Laura engaged Dot Your I to help her establish a business identity, craft messaging, and build a sales infrastructure around her knowledge and content.

Laura chose Dot Your I because of the way the company readily walks alongside even the most novice founders to turn their aspirations into accomplishments. Dot Your I partnered with Laura in the following ways:

Business Goal

Launch a brand

Marketing Activities Delivered

  • Defined and researched target markets.
  • Developed the business name, “Faith for Generations,” and secured the domain.
  • Designed the logo, tagline, and visual identity.

Create a plan for growth

  • Articulated business vision, value proposition, products, and services.
  • Defined marketing and communications tactics for both the near term and longer-term.

Build brand presence and scalability

Designed, built, and launched a website to:

  • House intellectual property.
  • Showcase both personal and business differentiators.
  • Support e-commerce and affiliate marketing channels.

Grow a subscriber list and increase brand awareness

  • Designed a business newsletter.
  • Developed signup promotions.

The Deliverables

A comprehensive digital foundation for growing an online business aimed at teaching, coaching, and equipping families.


“Dot Your I listened, they heard me, and they took it from there. They delivered a beautiful logo, a great tagline, and a website that’s easy to navigate. It can all grow with me. And all along the way, collaboration was great because I knew where I needed to go, and they understood all the technical pieces to get me there.”

The Results

More immediate help for more families.

Since working with Dot Your I, Laura and her new business, Faith for Generations, have gained the following benefits:

  • Entrepreneurial support. “The assets that they delivered to me gave me confidence that I am a successful business owner, and that I can do this for years to come,” says Laura. “That is huge for me.”
  • A brand voice. Laura had originally constrained her digital vision to a blog. But after working with Dot Your I for only three months, she had an online presence that legitimized her authority in family ministry; presented her content according to her target market’s goals; and communicated her unique approach that focuses on whole-family training.
  • Instant scale. Before launching a digital business, Laura’s expert content was limited to her in-person network, and not accessible to the wider community of faith-based leaders, facilitators, and other potential partners. Dot Your I broadened her reach to an unlimited number of teachers, students, and families in the Pittsburgh area and beyond.
  • Dynamic content. A gorgeous, modern website enables all the materials that Laura is busy creating, such as e-books, interactive courses, virtual events, and resources for online purchase.

“Dot Your I has a creative, trustworthy, communicative team with an attitude of helping you build your business. I felt they were invested too. They are a quality group of people who care about my primary concern, which is teaching the next generation of believers.”