“It is a lasting investment when you can put your organization out into the world in the best light possible, and Dot Your I helps you do that.”

Brenda Tenison
President and CEO, Bbright




McMurray, PA




Nonprofit; Humanitarian Aid

Company Size


Services Delivered

Branding: logo and business identity
New website design and development
Online fundraising enablement
Social media strategy and content
Newsletter/Email marketing
Google Ads

The Challenge

Launch and legitimize an international nonprofit from the Pittsburgh, PA suburbs.

Brenda Tenison is the pro you want behind your mission. For more than 25 years, she’s built and run operations for various mission-driven organizations, leading teams in business development, finance, customer relations, client services, and marketing. 

In 2019, she decided to step out in front of a mission.

Brenda had traveled to Thailand on her first mission trip, to a place called Faith House in the western part of the country. Faith House cares for young women who have fled neighboring Myanmar and its long-raging civil war. It is a home, a school, and a refuge for these girls, who are easy prey for traffickers.

Knowing the danger and desperation that many of the girls escaped, Brenda found herself struck by their similarity to girls everywhere: they loved jeans and makeup and crossbody purses; they cared about their friends and their grades. Yet their pasts were fraught, and their futures uncertain. I can do more for them, Brenda thought.

Various organizations supported Faith House, but Brenda knew that the funds for K-12 schooling were thin, and the funds for college–or any training beyond high school–were not at all guaranteed. She thought of her large network of colleagues and friends back home. If each of them contributed just a little, the results would be enormous: security, hope, and opportunity in an often dark pocket of the world.

So Brenda summoned her passion, professional experience, and connections to create Bbright, which provides life-sustaining essentials and education to countless young women born into circumstances that most of us can’t imagine.

“It was very important for me to present this organization with our best foot forward. So many times in ministry and nonprofits, leaders focus on the mission and forget the business side of what we do. Dot Your I can strengthen the areas that you might not be strong in.”

The Solution

Build a vibrant digital presence that tells a compelling story, simplifies fundraising, and enables donor outreach.

Brenda approached Dot Your I to help shape Bbright’s entire online personality and function, from visuals to messaging to friction-free giving. She’d worked with the team on previous projects, and chose them for their work ethic, energy, and respect for philanthropy.

Dot Your I partnered with Brenda and Bbright in the following ways:  

Business Goal

Introduce a new nonprofit

Marketing Activities Delivered

  • Conceptualized the brand’s style and tone
  • Designed the logo and all other aspects of its visual identity
  • Designed, developed, and launched the website
  • Created site content, imagery, and calls to action

Establish a digital infrastructure for working and communicating with donors

  • Developed an e-newsletter template, subscriber signup, and distribution process
  • Implemented online donations and payment processing
  • Determined a digital advertising strategy

Drive awareness through social media

  • Created a portfolio of social media posts including both text and imagery
  • Drafted a social media calendar

The Deliverables

A vivid digital headquarters for Bbright that conveys both warmth and professionalism, fully equipped with tools for growth.


“Dot Your I achieved the goal of the website being fun but not juvenile. Donors can look at and embrace it, and the girls can too. It’s a tricky line to toe, and I am very pleased. It presents so well to people just getting to know the organization.”

The Results

Organizational credibility that builds donor confidence.

Through working with Dot Your I, Brenda is able to:

  • Quickly establish authority and authenticity. Many bootstrapped organizations launch in piecemeal fashion, undermining countless first impressions. Brenda’s goal was to launch Bbright only when all of its digital assets were fully developed, tested, and working in coordination. Dot Your I delivered a comprehensive, secure, and polished online presence with the project flexibility that Brenda needed. 
  • Focus on donor relationships. Bbright’s website does the work of educating site visitors with storytelling and photos, allowing Brenda to engage her potential donors in deeper-level conversations more quickly.
  • Facilitate faster conversions. With simple, secure, and accessible online giving functionality, plus well-placed calls to action, the website makes it easy for visitors to become official supporters of the Faith House community.
  • Communicate with her audience over a variety of channels. With a website that includes a news and blog section, an email newsletter template ready to populate, and social media content on deck, Brenda can meet current donors and reach new ones wherever they are.

“Dot Your I is there when I can’t be. They’re easy to get a hold of, with an array of expertise to bring to the table. This partnership is really valuable.”